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Text or Email us the Year, Make and Model along with your photos to:

Text: (707) 332-4499 PLEASE Include YOUR NAME AND EMAIL
There are 5 easy steps to repairing your damaged tank or fender:
1. Watch the video about taking pictures and then take your pictures.
2. Then, to get an estimate send us your tank pictures… Take photos of the dent, please include the whole tank in the photo frame. Also, take a photo of the fuel openings with the cap off.
Tell us the Year, Make & Model, also identify if the motorcycle is fuel Injected.
​What’s your plans for the bike? i.e., you want to keep it all original or is it a restoration project and will the tank be repainted if the paint is missing.
3. We’ll review your info and pictures and provide you with an estimate via email or text message.
 4. Mail us your tank or fender for repair using the instructions in the email.
5. We’ll repair the tank and send it back to you fully insured, in the original package it was shipped in.


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