Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal
Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal
The Motorcycle Paintless
Dent Removal Method
By Daniel Gromm
The Motorcycle Paintless
Dent Removal Method
By Daniel Gromm
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Vintage Motorcycle Gas Tank Restoration


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Why "Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal" Is:
An innovative new way to have your motorcycle tanks and fenders restored back to a factory-finished look – from any location.!
Here's more about our service and, this is how it will work:
  • Awesome Feature - Once you ship us your tank or fender, we get to work using our state-of-the-art repair instruments and pioneering tank vice that allow us to safely and securely remove dents from motorcycle parts using our (PDR) Paintless Dent Removal technique.
  • Even Cooler Feature - These repair instruments were invented by Daniel Gromm, founder of Dent Dynamics – a leading expert in the progressive field of dent removal.
  • PLUS... Dent Dynamics can repair anything from vintage motorcycle tanks to sleek modern tanks without repainting – preserving that one-of-a-kind custom paint job – or rare original finish.
  • And So Much More...
And it's really that simple...
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How Like New Again It Can Look...
When It's "Done Right..."
Other dent professionals will remove dents while the tank remains on the bike, which limits tank access for complete dent removal. This approach also risks damaging other parts of the bike in the repair process.

The Dent Dynamics method of Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal ensures that your tank is secured firmly before restorations begin by using the repair instruments exclusive to our shop.

For expedited repair services, follow our easy directions on how to take photos for estimate, and shipping instructions to ensure your parts arrive safely.

Why work with someone out of your area?

Because we do it right!

Read our testimonials to hear more about Dent Dynamics’ professionalism and workmanship.
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From Getting Your DENTS Taken Out Of Your Motorcycle Tank... but do you know which ones?
We can show you inside...
Meet Daniel Gromm
Daniel Gromm, CEO and founder of Dent Dynamics, has been doing PDR since 1993 and has developed an exclusive process along with custom tools especially designed for removing the dents out of motorcycle gas tanks.
About Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal
First Thing to Remember

Located in Sonoma County, Calif., Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal (MPDR) is a mail-in, cutting-edge remote dent removal service that restores motorcycle tanks and fenders back to a factory-finished look.

Second Thing to Remember

CEO and founder of MPDR and Dent Dynamics, Daniel Gromm, an inventor and mechanical designer, has been successfully removing dents from motorcycle tanks using his exclusive paintless dent removal (PDR) technique, since 1993.
Third Thing to Remember

Daniel and his Dent Dynamics team utilize exclusive, custom MPDR tools that he’s developed – the Daniel Gromm Signature Series – to restore tanks and fenders swiftly and professionally to minimize idle time without your motorcycle.
Fourth Thing to Remember

No matter where you’re located, ship damaged parts to MPDR for professional, repair and expedited repair services.  If for any reason the dent can’t be fixed, there will be no charge for our service.
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Introducing the Gromm Motorcycle PDR Tank Vice

After 2 years of development, Daniel has created a specialized motorcycle tank vice to better serve his motorcycle PDR customers and their needs.

Understanding the dynamics of the proper leverage and pressure applications necessary for the thicker metals of most motorcycle gas tanks and fenders, Daniel set out to invent the world’s first Motorcycle PDR Tank Vice to handle the growing needs of the motorcycling community.

“Today,” says Daniel, “Dent Dynamics receives gas tanks in need of dent repair from all over the United States. It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to fix something that, prior to my MPDR Tank Vice invention, was un-fixable.”

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